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Becoming an RD

So, you want to be a registered dietitian or an RD.   Well, here are the steps to becoming an RD.

Step One:  Complete a BS Degree in Dietetics with:

  1.  An overall GPA that is 3.25 or higher
  2. Lot’s of extracurricular hours in Level 1 through Level 4
  3. Strong recommendation letters from faculty, supervisors, etc.
    • Whatever you do, do well.  Work to impress your faculty, supervisors, peers, and everyone you work for and with.  Stand out among your peers.
    • Act professionally.
    • Communicate professionally (all forms of communication).
    • Dress professionally (better to over-dress than under-dress and better to ask about dress code before and be certain then to guess and show up improperly dressed).

Step Two: Get into and complete an ADA accredited Dietetic Internship (very competitive!)

  1. Apply to at least four Dietetic Internship Programs during spring semester of your senior year
  2. If computer matched with a Dietetic Internship, complete the Dietetic Internship

Step Three: Pass the Registration Exam for Dietetians


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