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Dietetics Curriculum


The dietetics curriculum is a challenging science-based program that demands the best learning habits be implemented if a student hopes to be successful.   I have seen many a talented and bright student struggle in the dietetics program because they didn’t use good time management and adopt learning habits (note I didn’t say study habits).   Strong time management skills, communication skills, perseverance, professionalism, and passion for the discipline are imperative for success.  

The table below provides an outline of the dietetics program and the sequence of courses by year and semester.  Note: The actual program that a student follows may differ slightly from the program below.  It is important that you work closely with me (Dr. Proulx) to help ensure you are taking the correct courses in the correct order.  Don’t rely upon other students including ATMs to finalize your schedule.  ATMs are a great resource but they often don’t understand or know the intricacies of the dietetics program and profession.

1st Year Fall Cr 1st Year Spring Cr
NUTR 140   Nutrition (N2) 3 NUTR 141    Nutrition II 3
ANTH100 or PSYC100 or SOC100 (S2) 3 FOOD 130    Introductory Foods  3
BIOL 100     Biology (NL2) 3 BIOL 202     Anatomy Physiology * 3
Gen Ed (OS, HO,HW,HA,OS,AA,AH,FL) 3 FAMS160    Family Perspectives (S2) 3
COMP 100 (WS2) 3 Gen Ed (OS, HO,HW,HA,OS,AA,AH,FL) 3
    NUTR 100   Intro to Dietetics 1
  15   16
2nd Year Fall   2nd Year Spring  
 CHEM 111  General Chemistry I (NL2) 4 CHEM 226    Elem Organic Chemistry * 4
FOOD 230   Food Science * 3 FOOD 232   Cost Control/Food Serv Mgt* 3
NUTR 247    Nutrition Across the Lifespan* 3 CONS150 Consumer Resource Mgt 3
STATS 101   Intro to Statistics  (M2) 3 Gen Ed (OS, HO,HW,HA,OS,AA,AH,FL) 3
  16   16
3rd  Year Fall   3rd Year Spring  
CHEM 330   Introductory Biochemistry* 4 NUTR 243   Food & Nutrition Education* 3
HUEC 211   Food and Fashion Supervision* 3 BIOL 203    Elementary Microbiology* 3
FOOD 235   Design, Layout, Operations* 3 NUTR 240   Nutrition Assess Counseling* 3
Gen Ed (OS, HO,HW,HA,OS,AA,AH,FL) 3 Elective 3
Gen Ed (OS, HO,HW,HA,OS,AA,AH,FL) 3    
  16   13
4th Year Fall   4th Year Spring  
 NUTR 245   Medical Nutrition Therapy *    3 FOOD 331   Food Service Systems Mgt *   3
NUTR 300   Senior Seminar in Dietetics* 3 NUTR 341   Medical Nutrition Therapy II* 3
NUTR 340   Advanced Nutrition I  (WS2)*  1 NUTR 342    Advanced Nutrition II* 3
Elective 3 NUTR 330   Community Nutrition* 3
Elective 3 Elective 3
 HUEC200   Program & Issues in HUEC  1 Apply to Dietetic Internship/Grad School  
  14   15
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