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Here we go again!

October 2, 2013

I just love the start of a new semester.   It is kind of like a do over.  Another chance to show what you can really do.   Hopefully, we all learned from our mistakes last semester and we are better for it.   Here are some common mistakes made by students:

  1. Procrastination (Putting off until tomorrow what you can (should) do today)
  2. Reading textbooks and not studying textbooks
  3. Not seeking help!
  4. Not asking questions
  5. Thinking that busy-ness equals learning
  6. Not adjusting to poor outcomes (keep doing the same thing over and over again even though it isn’t working)
  7. Poor time management skills
  8. Not getting and staying organized
  9. Thinking that grades are earned for working hard

Here are some solutions for the above

  1. Getting working on class assignments as soon as possible rather than as late as possible
  2. Become a studying fool!  Study, study, study and then study some more
  3. Seek help when you don’t understand something.  Reach out!  Needing help doesn’t mean you are stupid.  Stupid is not seeking help when you need it?
  4. Ask questions.  Not just for the sake of asking questions but when you don’t understand something, when you are confused, when you don’t get it……seek answers by asking questions.
  5. Just because you are busy doesn’t mean you are getting anything meaningful accomplished.  It isn’t so much about staying busy but staying effective.  Work smarter not harder.   Time spent dealing with the frivolous is time stolen away from the substantial things that really mean something.  Learn to distinguish between the two and then focus on the latter.
  6. If you are not getting the result you desire then adjust what you are doing.  What worked in high school often doesn’t work in college.  What works in one class doesn’t work in another.  What works with one professor isn’t what works with another.
  7. Time is your more precious commodity.  Manage it well and it is your friend.  Mismanage it and it works against you.
  8. Get organized.  Nuff said!
  9. This is college.  Grades are earned based on work product and not work load!  You can spend 100 hours on a term paper but if it is D quality then it is going to earn a D grade.

I hope this inspires you to purpose to do better this semester.  If you want to meet with me to be inspired or get a swift kick in the proverbial pants then I am more than happy to do that.



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